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remote price changing

Remote Price Changing

Developed for a leading vending machine manufacturer, N&W Global Vending, remote price changing is a game changing feature for the future of vending.

When N&W Global Vending launched their newest range of machines with Electronic Tray Labels, they needed a solution to allow them to remotely change the display prices and messages.

Datavend worked closely with N&W to develop a reliable, inexpensive system that not only sends MDB or EVA-DTS telemetry data, but also allows the user to login to an online software and remotely update product prices. The remote price changing feature on the Electronic Tray Label (ETL) machines was launched at Avex 2015 and was very well received by all visitors to the show.

In addition to working with the N&W ETL machines, the Datavend system can also remotely update pricing on many other vending machines. This not only saves time during operator visits, but can also be used to ensure there are no errors with pricing.